About Us
Redefining Sri Lankan radio "Ran One" brings a fresh outlook and differentiated programming content to our listeners. We are the newest member to the EBC radio portfolio with a bold mission of going beyond just entertainment and connecting with our listeners at a more heartfelt level. Bringing together the best of both worlds – "Ran One" blends musical preferences of a generation that could enjoy music flavours from different era’s, "The Old" and "The New" creating the best mix of content that they could truly enjoy.
With programmes that are designed to seamlessly blend in with the lifestyles of our listeners, Ran One operates with the objective of being there for our listeners with the right content at the right time. While providing entertainment is one lead objective of the channel, engaging our listeners with stimulating content that will fuel their intellect and taste in music is what sets us apart from other channels in the market.
Radio is not just about what’s heard. it’s also about what’s felt. and that is why we at Ran One, take extra care in everything from the music you hear, to the DJ’s on board. Bringing only the best music from different era’s "Ran One" sets its ambitions high in becoming the closest and most trusted ally to its listeners.
General Inquiries
Email: info@ranonefm.lk
Tel: (+94) 11 7534 700
Fax: (+94) 11 7534 768
Programming Division
Vasanthe Karunaratna - Asst. Director Programming
E-Mail: vasanthe@ranfm.lk
Tel: (+94) 11 7534 702
Studio Hotline
Tel: (+94) 11 5881 881
Marketing Division
Email: isuru.perera@ranonefm.lk
Tel: (+94) 11 7534 713
Fax: (+94) 11 7534 768
Digital Contacts
WhatsApp: (+94) 11 5577 733
Viber: (+94) 11 5577 733
News Department
Tel: (+94) 11 7534 775
E-Mail: news@ranonefm.lk
Fax: (+94) 11 2506 261
Ranone Promotions
Tel: (+94) 11 7534 716
Web Inquiries
Tel: (+94) 11 7534 756
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